How can I advertise my business or sponsor an event for the Association?

Connect with Valley Ranch through sponsorship! To get connected with our residents, sponsoring our community events is the best route to take. For more information on our sponsorship packages, click the links below.
*Please check back soon for updated Sponsorship packets.
Communicate with Valley Ranch through our weekly email and quarterly newsletter! For pricing on these items, click here

How are my assessments calculated and who decides what I pay?

Assessments are calculated based on the market value of your home.  The rate is 0.18 per $100.  For example, if the market value of your home is $200,000 your calculation would be as follows:
                                $200,000 divided by $100 = $2,000 x 0.18 = $360.
If you disagree with the market value, please contact the Dallas County Appraisal District at www.dallascad.org  and they will be happy to assist you.

If I want to make changes to the exterior of my home, front and/or back, what do I need to do?

All changes for any part of the exterior of a home front and/or back (including but not limited to landscaping, playscapes, fencing, additions, etc.) must have ARC approval.  Find ARC forms here.

What is the timeline for violations?

The timeline for violation(s) is directed in part by the Texas Property Code and in part by the Valley Ranch Governing Documents.
Step 1 – A violation letter is sent with a 30 day window to correct the violation.
Step 2 – Another violation letter is sent with another 30 day timeline to correct the violation.
Step 3 - One final violation letter sent with 15 day timeline to correct the violation.
Step 4 – The violation is forwarded to the Association Attorney with 15 days to cure the violation.
Step 5 - If the violation remains uncured then the violation can result in fines of up to $50.00 a day.

How do I find out about events, volunteer opportunities, and other things happening in Valley Ranch?

The most effective communication tool is the email blast that is sent every Thursday to residents who have registered.  To register, please email the lifestyle team at lifestyle@valleyranch.org
Other places to check are the Valley Ranch Facebook page, website, newsletters and the electronic sign.  You may also email the lifestyle team for events or sign up for a specific event on the email blast. 

Whom do I call regarding the schools in Valley Ranch?

The local school districts in Valley Ranch are Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD (972-968-6100) and Coppell ISD (214-496-6000).  For concerns or questions, please contact them directly.

What preventative measures are being taken to prevent crime in the area?

If you have concerns or observe suspicious activity, please call the City of Irving Police Department.  Crime prevention meetings will be scheduled throughout the year.
You can also get information on crime prevention from The City of Irving's website, http://cityofirving.org/836/Crime-Prevention-Information.

Can street lights be installed on my street?

Streetlight installation falls under the City of Irving.  Please call 972-721-2493 to voice your concerns.  If you live in a gated community, please contact your sub-association. 

What can I do if there are street light problems?

Street lights are owned and maintained by Oncor.  Residents may report outages directly to Oncor at 888-313-4747, or visit the Oncor website at www.oncorstreetlight.com.  Street lights are easily identified with a number so have this number handy when reporting issues.

What is being done about the parking on the streets?

The streets in Valley Ranch are public and maintained by the City of Irving; therefore, street parking is allowed.  We do ask residents to be courteous when parking in front of mailboxes, etc., but if a problem exists, please contact the police department non-emergency number at 972-273-1010.  If you live in a gated community, please contact your sub-association.

Whom do I call for street repairs?

The City of Irving maintains the streets.  Please call 972-721-2646 or visit the website at www.cityofirving.org.

Whom do I call if my sidewalk needs repair?

Sidewalks are maintained by the City of Irving.  Please call 972-721-2646 or visit the website at www.cityofirving.org.

Whom do I call for bulk and brush pick-up?

Bulk and brush pick-up is done by the City of Irving.  Please call 972-721-2232 or visit the website at www.cityofirving.org.

Why do airplanes fly so low when the weather is clear?

This is a question best posed to the Federal Aviation Commission, 1-866-835-5322.

Is there a rental space available for residents to host meetings or social gatherings?

For Valley Ranch members, you may rent the front meeting space at the Valley Ranch Association office. Please see the Room Rental Agreement here

How can I contact the vendors from the Home Improvement Expo?

You can view the vendor contact information from the Home Improvement Expo here